Emily Mast

4030 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90065 mastonfig@gmail.com

index china art


INDEX (China Art), 2015, performance, 5 hours
With: Davie-Blue & Gregory Barnett
Production: China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles

Part of the group show This Sentence, curated by Lauren Mackler of Public Fiction. Here, INDEX is a procession, a series of live vignettes taking place within the gallery and mingling with the other objects on display. The bodies, coated in paint, alternate the exercise of becoming inanimate, non-verbal and seemingly immune to time. Here, INDEX challenges performance’s predictable beginning, middle and end by eliminating starts and finishes. The work loops over the course of one day, bodies sweating, paint fading and with the loss in translation inherent to any repetition. Utilizing different spaces in the galleries, the work smudges the line between the artifice of the carefully staged (i.e. exhibition), and its very human (and unpredictable) unraveling.