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Six Twelve One by One, 2013, performance (35 minutes) & video (8 minutes 30 seconds)
In collaboration with Hana van der Kolk
With: Abbey O’Bryan, Emily Mast, Julie Clark, Leslie Stevens, Ruby Rain & Whitney Carter
Cinematography: Martin Dicicco
Additional camerawork: Antonio Cisneros, Emily Lacy, Jimmy Fusil
Edit: Vanara Taing
Costumes: Emily Mast
Production: Machine Project for Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A., an initiative of the Getty Museum.

Six Twelve One by One is a performance featuring six women who are all nearing the end of their first pregnancies. Simultaneously ubiquitous and extraordinary, the pregnant body can illicit complicated reactions. Six Twelve One by One examines these layers and ambivalences by giving audience members permission to look at pregnant bodies for a prolonged period as the women navigate a task-like series of actions. The actions, which highlight both the women’s solidarity and solitude, examine aspects of pregnancy including the comic, inane, mundane and grotesque. Staged in an enormous dome and featuring a minimal sound score, Six Twelve One by One evokes familiar images of solipsism and masculinity while presenting a space inhabited by one of the most explicit signifiers of womanhood.