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Mast on Fig is proud to present Gregory Barnett’s workshop series that explores intimacy, movement, and trust:

”Hold me. Let me hold you. Together We Can Hold THIS.” 

When I ask to hold your limbs, I ask for the honor of holding the desires living inside them. When my eyes look into yours at length, I rescind all urges to project my will onto yours. When your weight proves calm in my grip, I acknowledge the immeasurable value of your dreams, and care for them as if they are my own. Amen

While learning footwork patterns and embrace variations of ballroom dance, we will consider what genuine intimacy is and how to offer it. We will use voice, extended periods of eye contact, and touch to create bonds of trust between each other. Any vulnerabilities exposed during our initial intimacy practices will be regarded as gifts deserving of ongoing recognition and consideration through out our working. We will celebrate the connections earned with a loosely guided Ball/Bawl, holding each other however able.

Saturday, February 22nd

Saturday, March 7th

Saturday, April 4th

Saturday, April 25th


Mast on Fig
 4030 N Figueroa St L.A. 90042

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Limit: 24 people per class

$20 per person

(suggested donation / no one turned away) 

Gregory Barnett makes dances, altars, imagery, and stories believing he is better for it. His work attempts to locate junctures between lineage (memory) and prayer (desire) in an effort to maximize will’s potential (with mixed success.) In lieu of pursuing a sociology degree, Gregory became a prostitute and children’s gymnastics instructor. He has shown work in Los Angeles and other cities since 2004.




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