Emily Mast

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2019 boots boobs booze


Boots Boobs Booze, 2019, performance, 60 minutes
Presented with: Barnett Cohen
Performed by: Darrian O’Reilly, Dorothy Dubrule, Gregory Barnett & Jessica Emmanuel
Costumes: Emily Mast
Sound edit: Yehuda Duenyas
Production: LAXart, Los Angeles

Performance made within Barbara Stauffacher Solomon’s exhibition Relax into the Invisible at LAXart. Drawing inspiration from Solomon’s artist book Read Any Good Boots Lately?, Emily Mast choreographs a group of dancers to interact with and move through the artist’s sculptural installation. In her book, Solomon—who was trained as a dancer before beginning her career as a graphic designer—describes a “flashy chorus-line [that] covers hovers a seriously silly history. Her-story. How high-heeled red boots make her feel free.” As Mast’s dancers make clear in a series of vignettes, “Red boots make the invisible extraordinarily visible.”