Emily Mast

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Birdbrain afterward


B!RDBRA!N (Afterward), 2017, exhibition and weekly performance series
With: Bertille Michelet, Gaël Uttaro, Geoffrey Badel, Judit Domotor, Laura Kirshenbaum, Peter Lokös & Nina Sanchez
Assistant direction: Lisa Reynolds
Sound: Guilhem Causse
Costumes: Emily Mast & Chloé Viton
Annex publication: Corentine Lemestre
Props and sets: Elisa Bleez, Paul Dubois, Quentin L’helgoualc’h & Romane Guillaume
Production: Master exerce d’ICI – Centre chorégraphique national Montpellier – Occitanie / direction Christian Rizzo, le programme de recherche Skéné de l’École supérieure des beaux-arts de Montpellier – MoCo & the FRAC Occitanie Montpellier in Montpellier, France

B!RDBRA!N (Afterward) rethinks B!RDBRA!N in the context of the gallery space. For this exhibition, Mast created an expansive, sprawling theatrical installation that includes a large-scale projection of B!RDBRA!N (Addendum), cardboard props and objects, wall paintings, floor drawings and theatrical lighting. Live performances took place within the exhibition once a week for the run of the show. The performances were comprised of 17 stylized vignettes that were a combination of some of the original vignettes from B!RDBRA!N, some vignettes that were revised and reworked with Mast’s new collaborators, and some brand-new vignettes that were invented in response to the new context.