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Mast on Fig is ever so pleased to announce the upcoming debut of its “Intimate Experiences” series! Intimate Experiences are performative experiments (concerts, classes, demos, meals, conversations, workshops, readings, meditations, etc.) for 15 people or less that will take place at Mast on Fig from now until the end of August.Our first experience is Barnett Cohen’s Channels For Mystery. This experiential performance is an inquiry into the felt sense of thought—what words become when unlinked from meaning. In a quadraphonic installation that pays homage to Enough Tyranny by the artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz, somewhere between the half-asleep and the half-awake, Channels For Mystery alchemizes language into passing memories, strange sounds, and rallying cries for an exasperated body politic. Not only does Channels For Mystery investigate the abstract, it mirrors the shared anxiety of this particular ferocious moment in history, in which language is caught in the death throes of late-stage capitalism, where everything means nothing and nothing means everything, and where dictators and oligarchs the world over have corrupted the relationship between the signifier and the signified. Channels For Mystery is written and performed by Barnett Cohen. Astral props are a collaboration between Cohen and Eric Holbreich of House of 950.


Barnett Cohen
Channels For Mystery
Sunday, May 19th, 7 PM
Mast on Fig
4030 N Figueroa St LA 90065
RSVP here
Limit: 15 people
$10 suggested donation 








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