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Mast on Fig proudly presents Ben Boatright’s newest performance piece!

Ben Boatright
Risk Portfolio
Saturday, November 16th
5:00 PM & 7:30 PM
Mast on Fig
4030 N Figueroa St LA 90065
$10 suggested donation

As dangers posed by climate change begin manifesting themselves regularly, economic relationships to the planet’s ecology remain stubbornly entrenched. Meanwhile, attention spans become increasingly fractured and commodified. Risk Portfolio explores the dissonance that arises from these incongruities. An atmosphere is created that engages the senses across themes of landscape and memory, time management, and material attachments. Raw materials and objects are considered, evaluated and prepped for market in a series of exercises and tasks. A supply chain unfolds to create a make-believe economy, one that sheds light on the eerie absurdity of current value systems.

Participants and contributors include Sasha Plotnikova, John Lee, Jane Parshall, Sophie Lee, Sundi Touré, Louie Weiss and Dylan Mira. Risk Portfolio is produced in collaboration with Sasha Plotnikova.

Ben Boatright is an artist living in LA. He received an MFA from UC Irvine in 2015.



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