Emily Mast

4030 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90065 mastonfig@gmail.com

Ashes In I’s (Tragedy/Comedy), 2019, diptych with color photographs, 31 x 41 inches
With: Brandon Bailey, Caleb Alexander, Christine Morse, Christoffer Schunk, Dorette Young, Erik Friestadt, Hatt Merlino, J. Orpilla, Johanna Yukiko Haneda, Julie Mayer, Leopold Soares, Marja Lisa Kay, Mike Price, Moni Olguin, Noah Schwartz, Paul Bacon, Renee Kalos & Tatiana Louder
Photography: Betsy Lin Seder

A diptych made in parallel with the live performance of “Ashes In I’s” featuring a chorus of 18 people who used notations and structured free improvisation to create a landscape of experimental sounds that oscillated between laughter and weeping.